FInal Fantasy VII: Rebirth Case Study

Square Enix


Witness the rebirth of a classic.


Launching the next chapter, Square Enix wanted to show western audiences that Rebirth wasn’t your typical remake, it was an epic continuation of a sprawling, multi-game saga… as well as the perfect jumping on point for those who’ve never before experienced Final Fantasy’s epic clash between good and evil.


REBIRTH sought to expand the game’s appeal beyond its core audience, aiming to establish it as a cultural touchstone.

Our strategy focused on showcasing the game’s expansive world, immersive narrative, and innovative gameplay to attract both RPG enthusiasts and casual gamers, rekindling the passion of existing fans while enticing newcomers.

FFVII Rebirth x GetGood

GameSpot’s “Get Good” episode on Final Fantasy VII: REBIRTH paired expert Emma Fyffe with newcomer Hector Navarro. This dynamic, humorous format entertained viewers while showcasing REBIRTH’s combat system and accessibility for new players.

Garnering over 1.5 million views in the process.

FFVII Rebirth x GamesRadar

Partnering with GamesRadar, we created a series of videos that featured  gaming experts and voice talent to showcase Rebirth’s new features and returning ones.

These videos were the top performers among our collaborations, exceeding benchmarks for viewership, audience retention, and social engagement.

It all resulted in over 3M views across all 3 videos and fell within the top most-viewed videos on GamesRadar’s Youtube Channel. 

FFVII Rebirth x Arrekz

The Arekkz Ultimate Beginners Guide, created by the prominent Arekkz Gaming, helps newcomers learn the ropes of various video games.

With a $200K investment through Reedpop, we sponsored a 20-minute Ultimate Beginners Guide episode focusing on Final Fantasy VII: REBIRTH, covering its story, combat, and minigames.

Streaming Influencer Partnerships

As our media campaign progressed, we leveled up our game and brought in some of the top streamers in the world, including Ludwig who boasts over 3.5 million followers.

Due to the infectious enthusiasm of the streamers, any newcomer would want to board an airship to Midgar for the first time.

And the stats speak for themselves with 1.7 Million views across streams, a 17% lift in ad recall, and a 9% lift in brand consideration.

Social Posts & Online Ads

Liquid then created and placed ads that ran across social channels all over the world. Including a custom unit with Kotaku in which people could click through to learn more about the worlds of the game.

That custom unit provided a giant leap forward in brand awareness at a whopping 48% lift

TikTok Takeover

Beyond live streams, we partnered with newcomers to the franchise to share authentic first impressions of the demo.

Their videos, transformed into Spark Ads, showcased favorite characters and exciting gameplay moments.

This genuine approach resonated, with creator-made assets achieving a 49% lower CPC and a 66% higher CTR than standard trailers, proving the power of authentic voices in marketing.

Spotify Takeover

Knowing Spotify is Gen Z’s go-to playlist, we launched a multi-format campaign that captivated their attention with eye-catching takeovers and engaging audio and video ads.

The impact was undeniable: recall jumped 18%, brand awareness soared 9%, and favorability increased by 5%. We not only exceeded entertainment benchmarks but also struck a chord with our target audience.

CTV Placements

Our premium CTV placements on Hulu, Peacock, and Samsung TVs ignited viewer engagement, surpassing CPV benchmarks and driving impressive results.

Notably, our Samsung placements set screens ablaze with a staggering 1,645% gameplay lift, proving these platforms are a powerhouse for captivating audiences and fueling action.


When Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launched on the last day of February 2024, it immediately became the 2nd best-selling game… for the entire month. An impressive feat and a brand awareness success.