Final Fantasy Exvius Universe x Chillhop Music

Final Fantasy Exvius Universe x Chillhop Music

Square Enix

With War of Vision’s first anniversary approaching, we wanted to create an unforgettable event for the tight-knit community of fans. An official collaboration with Chillhop Music was the perfect fit. Chillhop’s leading YouTube channel is host to a passionate fan base of over 3M subscribers with an enormous crossover into the FF fandom.


Liquid collaborated with Chillhop and their top artists to create remixes of fan-favorite Final Fantasy tracks in the iconic Lo-fi style. The custom tracks were coupled with original animations that fused the worlds of the popular Chillhop Raccoon with the Brave Exvius universe, creating an exciting, easter-egg-filled story that unfolded through the hour long live musical event. 


For added surprise and delight, we created and distributed custom Emotes through Giphy, earning an additional 90 million impressions. The playlist continues to be a fan favorite, with view counts increasing every day. The full playlist will also be released on Spotify, Apple Music, and other major platforms.

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