AAA Video Game Launch

To reinforce NBA2K’s category leadership in sports gaming and solidify its place in pop culture, we developed branded content with top tier digital publishers in music, lifestyle, and sports—because beyond just being a leader in sports gaming, NBA2K is also a platform that celebrates user creativity and love for mastering your craft, whatever that may be.

Continuing NBA2K19’s brand story post-launch and broadening its appeal during the crowded holiday season, we leveraged real-time statistics to show off our game’s scale and ubiquity in culture. Our campaign took over large parts of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and San Francisco with high impact out-of-home units that tailored creative to the context in which it lived.

On launch day, NBA2K19 sparked the most single day mentions across Twitter for any game franchise ever (at the time of its release), and went on to become the best-selling sports video game for the third consecutive year, generating the highest launch month sales of any sports video game ever.

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