Nova Island Campaign

Thirteen Games

Media Focus Approach

The official 1.0 launch of Nova required a strategic approach that would resonate with diverse player interests. To achieve this, we developed four 15-second videos, each showcasing a unique selling proposition: competitive gameplay, the core game loop, immersive lore, and strategic depth. This allowed us to target different player motivations and preferences.

In collaboration with our media team, we launched the videos and closely monitored their performance. Armed with data, we optimized our ad spend, focusing on the top-performing videos across various platforms and demographics.

This data-driven approach proved highly successful, enabling us to reach the right players with the right message. By adapting our strategy based on real-time performance, we maximized the campaign’s ROI and ensured a successful launch for Nova Island.



"Core Loop"


:30 Launch Trailer

We then created a 30-second spot showcasing all of the excitement and mayhem Nova Island has to offer, in one action-filled trailer.