Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker "...My Parents"

Square Enix

Explaining "Final Fantasy Endwalker" To My Parents

Imagine trying to explain to your grandma what a Chocobo is. “Uhhh… It’s kind of an ostrich but more regal!?” This social series plays with that exact concept – while demystifying FFXIV and showing new players that anyone can understand this game. And with 8+ years of content and a massive fantasy lexicon under its belt – anyone can get caught up on the story quickly — even your sweet ol’ parents… maybe!

We Worked with Gamespot and content creator Jesse Cox to create these videos — capturing all of their hilarious takes on this strangely beautiful world. And players responded – inspiring tons of new conversations and opening the door for players to tell their friends, parents, mailman – whoever – about how great Final Fantasy XIV is.