Final Fantasy XIV Case Study

Square Enix


Celebrating an 8 year epic through its climax


We set out to solidify Final Fantasy XIV’s position as one of the most formidable MMORPGs in the space – surprising and delighting their fans along the way.  

Final Fantasy already has a hold on Eastern audiences, but we wanted to give them an even stronger foothold in the west. We started this journey in 2019 with our Shadowbringers marketing campaign – and Endwalker was a new challenge to continue the work we’d already started. 


Near term: Completely rethink and restructure media mix and campaign architecture. Implement performance best practices unique to gaming based on Liquid historicals.
Long Term: Build trust with client in branding’s ability to unlock even more growth.

Examples include experiential partnerships with the Red Cross, high profile talent like Tom Holland and Sia in trailers, and calculated bets on high impact media.


We partnered with major pop-star Sia to deliver a new take on Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon” – hitting on the crucial themes of Final Fantasy XIV where players battled on the moon for the first time.

We supported this with a comprehensively creative digital campaign that impressed an already delighted fan base and invited a ton of new players into the fold.

Launch Trailer Theme Song

We partnered with singer Sam Carter from the rock band Architects to lend his pipes for the soundtrack to the latest expansion in Final Fantasy XIV, Endwalker.

Liquid worked directly with Sam and Masayoshi Soken (lead composer for FFXIV) to make sure his vocal stylings fit the vibe of the track, the trailer, and the game — and the results speak for themselves.

The performance was lauded by a not-so-easily pleased community — who deemed it worthy of The Warrior of Light’s next great adventure.

Hear The Song

Red Cross x Stormblood Drive

Creative Work


5x the monthly purchases prior to Liquid, while staying within CPA tolerances.

Sales for Endwalker coming out of our campaign were so good that Square Enix had to discontinue selling the game for a brief period – their servers were becoming overloaded!