The Witcher

The Witcher: Wild Hunt

CD Projekt Red

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We helped vault the critically acclaimed ‘The Witcher’ franchise into the spotlight with a carefully calibrated recipe of digital, traditional & social media.


Increase in Sales Over Previous Title


Game Sales As of 9/15


All About the Testing

The Witcher is undoubtedly a complex game. Without knowing which assets or creative would do the best job connecting with each target audience, Liquid conducted thorough creative experimentation and testing throughout the campaign. We ran three TV spots, over 30 video variations, tested over 200 arrangements of Facebook ads, and six different banner types. To optimize the creative for ultra specific audiences, we set up and track over 2,000 placements for the digital campaign. Through this optimization process our engagement was over 30% higher than initial projections.


Front and Center

As launch approached, we put the game front and center with as much video, asset support, and asset creation as possible. High profile game streams helped the Witcher trend on during launch week. A series of PewDiePie videos showcased the game’s excellence to mainstream gamers who had never played Witcher. A Twitter campaign promoting a Conan O’Brien “Clueless Gamer” segment had engagement rates north of 15%. Content integration with the top endemic gaming sites ensured that Witcher felt ubiquitous to core gamers consuming editorial that week.

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