Corsair One Launch

Corsair One Launch


A critical moment in Corsair’s history. The new product needed a name, a brand strategy, and creative executions for launch.


Brand strategy and visual identity

To outflank established competitors like Razer, Alienware, and HP, we had to to carve out a new position that would make buyers think differently about the typical “gaming PC,” which can often be a loud and awkward mix of plastic and testosterone. We needed to define Corsair’s new PC as a beautifully-built, near-silent object of desire, without losing sight of the reputation for engineering excellence and reliability they had earned from years of producing well-regarded internals. At the end of our process of research, discovery, and strategy, we arrived at just the right name and product story – the new “Corsair ONE” would not only mark the company’s first move into the packaged PC space, but would also represent the fusion of many individual Corsair-made internals into a single, bespoke packaged product.

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