Vivino Mobile Wine Scanner

User Acquisition & Retention

Vivino was already established within the food & beverage vertical as a top app, thanks to its ‘party trick’ of scanning wine labels to learn more, so Liquid was tapped to bring in more high-value users. That meant finding people who could be persuaded to stick around and buy wine within the app—not just scan it.

Analytics & Media as One

We pioneered a mobile user acquisition plan geared toward the highest value users possible. Our analytics & media teams worked hand-in-hand to optimize and isolate the target audiences, mobile app networks and creative variations that drove the best LTV.

This effective user acquisition strategy resulted in long-term positive ROI and allowed us to evolve our approach to include user re-engagement efforts.

After proving ourselves with UA, we dug deeper into Vivino’s data for a re-engagement campaign that pushed users further down the funnel based on different use cases. By applying a rigorous tagging, testing and segmentation methodology to the client’s rich data set, we scaled ROI positive media across desktop and mobile.

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