PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PS4 Launch

Awareness & Purchase

Two years after its initial PC release, PUBG was set to launch on PS4—but multiple challengers had emerged by then, overtaking PUBG in the Battle Royale space with their own F2P offerings. With limited information about gameplay motivators and cost as a barrier to entry, we were challenged to build awareness and sales of PUBG during an extremely competitive holiday season.

That meant looking at the Battle Royale and First Person Shooter landscape to identify granular audiences that were most likely to purchase, as well as using a Millward Brown Study to better understand the key motivators driving purchase decisions for audiences in the Battle Royale genre.

We worked closely with gaming publishers to expand their targeting capabilities, unlocking unique audience segments that aren’t typically offered in a standard proposal. Each partner was then planned, activated, and measured at a strict exposure PDR that measured purchase intent and performance at each projected level from the strategic planning phase.

This resulted in a 700%+ ROAS amongst all trackable media and—despite content releases from Call of Duty and Fortnite at the same time—was the best-selling digital game on PS4 in December. We were also able to build a repository of competitive audience motivators and insights to better inform the creative and media strategy process for future campaigns.


PS4 Top Downloads for December in North America


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Lift in Purchase Intent

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