Final Fantasy VII: Remake


AAA Video Game Launch

17 years after the OG FINAL FANTASY VII’s release, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE reimagined one of the most legendary video games of all time, beloved to a generation of gamers nostalgic for the original. Liquid’s challenge was to launch this game to a completely new generation of modern RPG and Action Adventure gamers—gamers who likely didn’t grow up with the FINAL FANTASY legacy.

To do this, our media campaign had to both excite the core and appeal to modern gamers. Liquid planned a strategy that went beyond gaming sites and injected FFVIIR into pop culture with sponsorships on top destinations for streaming and entertainment, while leveraging the influence of social media superstars.

The ubiquity of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE in every corner of a gamer’s TV, Digital, and OOH experience made the game synonymous with the most highly anticipated RPG of the year and set it up to become the fastest selling PS4 exclusive on the market, surpassing industry behemoths like Spider-Man and God of War.

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