Overwatch Free Weekend

Free This Weekend?
Overwatch Is.

Blizzard Entertainment

In this series of short spots to promote Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch trial event, we took a deliberate break from showing in-game action videos to focus on the players. Four different gamers just found out that they’re unexpectedly free this weekend … but it’s all good, because it means they have time to kick back and give Overwatch a try.

Executive Creative Director: Patrick Runco
Creative Director: Jeff Earhart
Copywriter: Sarah Westerfield
Account Director: Ryan D’Arcy

VP Global Publishing: John Heinecke
Sr Brand Manager: Ryan Davis
Assistant Marketing Manager: Jessica White

Framestore Director: Thomas Routson
Executive producer: Jennifer Siegel
Head of Production: Milena Milicevic
Producer: Matt Maclennan
Director of Photography: Trent Opaloch
Cut-and-Run Editor: Andy Green
Editor Producer: Annabelle Dunbar Whittaker
Senior VFX Producer: Morgan Maccuish
VFX Producer: John Cook

The Capital Media Company (Vancouver)
Executive Producer: Christian Allen
Head of Production: Keely Stothers

Yakuza 6

Stories of the Dragon


To celebrate the release of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, we partnered with Sega and director Christopher Ewing to explore the legend of the Dragon of Dojima from an unexpected point of view – through the eyes of a few memorable characters who had small but important parts to play in Kiryu’s adventures over the course of the series.


Filmed on Location

To create an authentic sense of place, we filmed each of their stories on location in Japan, capturing the unique light, grit, and beauty of the world that has captivated fans of the series for over a decade.

Corsair One Launch

One Launch


A critical moment in Corsair’s history. The new product needed a name, a brand strategy, and creative executions for launch.


Brand strategy and visual identity

To outflank established competitors like Razer, Alienware, and HP, we had to to carve out a new position that would make buyers think differently about the typical “gaming PC,” which can often be a loud and awkward mix of plastic and testosterone. We needed to define Corsair’s new PC as a beautifully-built, near-silent object of desire, without losing sight of the reputation for engineering excellence and reliability they had earned from years of producing well-regarded internals. At the end of our process of research, discovery, and strategy, we arrived at just the right name and product story – the new “Corsair ONE” would not only mark the company’s first move into the packaged PC space, but would also represent the fusion of many individual Corsair-made internals into a single, bespoke packaged product.

Funko Unboxing

Funko Unboxing


There is no feeling in the world like opening a Funko box.

A series of social videos that show just how exciting it can be to get one of the Funko boxes in the mail every month. Videos were made for the Marvel Collector Corps, Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty and the DC Legion of Collectors.

Marvel Puzzle Quest

Marvel Puzzle Quest


A group of superheroes and super villains make for some bad roommates.

Marvel Puzzle Quest lets you create squads of three heroes or villains to team up against your opponents. In order to highlight this feature, we imagined a scenario where a group of roommates use the game to resolve their common problems.