Data Analytics Intern

We’re Liquid Advertising, one of the top ad agencies in the world for the videogame industry. Our analytics team in Ann Arbor is growing, and if you’re interested in modern digital advertising analytics, we’re interested in you!

This is a flexible part-time paid internship opportunity for currently-enrolled university students. You’ll get a ground-floor understanding of how modern digital marketing works and how it’s measured. You’ll also get hands-on experience with Facebook, Instagram, Google, Tableau, and other modern advertising tools.

The most qualified candidates are currently taking a courseload that includes quantitative classes such as statistics, analytics, Excel, and ideally some beginning SQL scripting. An interest in the world of digital advertising is an absolute requirement.

Just hit the link below to send your resume and cover letter!

We don’t provide sponsorship or relocation benefits for this opening.

Associate Media Strategist – Trainee

Meet Liquid Advertising, a mid-sized, highly analytical advertising agency with some of the world’s biggest video game publishers as clients. Our team of managers believe strongly in hands-on mentorship, and you’ll also get involved with some of the world’s top games pre-release.

If working for us sounds interesting to you, read on!

Digital marketing is in a state of massive change– and growth. It’s a profession that’s increasingly being driven by both sides of the brain– creative, out of the box thinking AND understanding how to derive meaning from data.

This entry-level position is our hands-on start in becoming a media professional. We’ll take the skills and aptitudes that are made apparent by your university training, and train you into the art and science of modern digital media buying.

It’s the start of a durable, upwardly-mobile career in media planning and strategy.

Typically, people who are successful in this position have made it through their undergraduate degree at a top university, acquired solid Excel skills, have excellent English language skills, and shown leadership in projects that required fast learning and outstanding results.

Some of the things you’ll do on the job include–

  • Researching new digital media networks and third party data sources
  • Managing budgets and tracking media placements
  • Tracking hundreds of creative assets and ensuring they’re being deployed in the right place at the right time
  • Analyzing data in Excel and other platforms to bring patterns and insights to light
  • Monitoring ongoing marketing campaigns and making recommendations for optimizing our spending

Here’s what we usually look for in an ideal candidate–

  • Bachelors degree or better with considerable quantitative coursework
  • Strong math and Excel skills
  • Solid skills with the rest of Microsoft Office or Google Docs
  • Strong communication skills
  • Fast learner and a strong desire to learn the business
  • A passion for getting started in the media business
  • Of course, if you’re into video games, that’s helpful as well!

We’ll be competitive with base salary and feature discretionary annual bonuses, plus the occasional trip to exotic locales (seriously, we took over a resort in Mexico this January).

Hit the link below to make your introduction. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Media Strategist

You’re a digital media professional with 2-4 years of experience. We’re one of the top agencies in the world of videogames.

We should talk!

Our media strategy team works on all aspects of digital media plans for the leading videogame publishers in the world– strategy, planning, activation, and analytics. This holistic view of the media process challenges our people to learn and grow, and become more complete media professionals in the process. We’ll also provide the access to training and mentorship that helps keep a self-starter’s career on an upward trajectory.

We operate in a heavy direct-buy environment, and our clients ask for plenty of creativity in high-impact plans that will really move the needle.

To be qualified for this role, you’ll have worked on paid digital campaigns for 2-4 years, preferably in an agency environment. We like to see hands-on-keyboard experience in-platform for at least a couple of these–

  • Social buying platforms (ad management for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others)
  • Ad servers (DCM, Sizmek)
  • Digital advertising ecosystem partners (DMP, SSP, ad networks)
  • Digital strategy and planning tools (Mediaocean, comScore, and others)

We’ll be competitive with base salary, and our benefits package is one of the best in town. 100% paid medical plan premiums, 100% 401(k) match, discretionary annual bonuses, generous vacation, and the occasional trip to exotic locales (seriously, we’re taking over a resort in Mexico this January).

Hit the link below to make your introduction. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Direct applicants only; no agencies or third parties, please. 

Ad Operations Analyst

We’re a midsized full-service advertising agency with the world’s biggest video game companies as clients. You’ve started your career in supporting digital advertising teams with your knowledge of DMPs, ad servers, and social platforms…

And we’d like to make an unusual proposition!

This is a role for someone familiar with adops and is ready to make a gradual move into media strategy and planning. It’s an unusual opportunity. We’d benefit from your ability to set up and troubleshoot digital media campaigns, and you’d benefit from hands-on training to expand your career. We’ll lead you to a highly optimized, wide-ranging adtech stack, and give you the freedom to explore new platforms.

You’ll also help with campaigns for the world’s biggest videogame companies, working on titles like Overwatch, NBA2k, Bioshock, The Witcher, and a stack of others not yet released. See samples of our client work here.

From your side, we’d like to see the following experience–

  • 1-3 years of adops experience
  • Knowledge of all the ad platforms (well, a lot of them). Sizmek, Facebook Pixels, Google Floodlights, viewability partners, tag managers, ad safety platforms, DMPs, etc.
  • Solid experience with, and appreciation for, analytics

You’ll enjoy top pay and vacation benefits, 100% paid medical premiums, 100% 401k match, and relentless conflict against our clients (during after-hours gameplay, not during weekly status updates).

You’ll be challenged to grow and learn, working with a stable, highly experienced team of media and analytics professionals . We’re growing here at Liquid, and people find themselves positioned for new opportunities all the time.

Looking forward to hearing from you!